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21 YEARS AGO, humankind thought the end of the world was upon us, that the technology doomsday clock would strike minutes to midnight. All Computers are going to have nervous breakdowns and crash, completely losing their “state of the art, new age ”128MB RAM” minds, sending the modernized world back to the stone age. A TWO-DIGIT switch over that could shut down the world.

COVID-19 came to disrupt the 4th Industrial Revolution. Electronic devices like computers, laptops and smart phones, the loT and AI, rule our lives even more so with COVID-19 Restrictions.  Suddenly it’s e-learning, work from home, bring your own device and many more scenarios.

Modernism is the new trend; the Digital Age is the future. All technology has Pro’s and Con’s. Tech language is overwhelming to most people in the best of times. Over worked and focused Management staff are trying to keep businesses small to large in operation.

As we progress in this Digital World, information is freely flowing, necessitating new laws and regulations like GDPR, POPIA and more to protect the individuals’ personal details, keeping company data safe. More and more cyber-attacks are launched by malicious individuals or groups. The more they can disrupt our lives, the better they feel.

They not only target big corporations, but especially our Sole Proprietors (one-man-bands) and SME’s are at risk of non-compliance to certain laws and regulations, and data breaches.

You need a team of specialists to ensure the desired balance for your Information Technology Environment are put in place and, managed in such a way that every user in your company steps away a winner, knowing that they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities and that all data is safe and protected.

Your IT Network is the backbone of your company.

You may not have a big network nor other users in your company, but whether you are running solo or not, you need to be just as compliant and diligent about your device storage, external storage devices and Cloud storage as big corporations.

By partnering with us, YOU FOCUS on what you do best, and WE MANAGE the rest.

Modern Business Challenges

You are the expert in managing your company and like most of our customers knowing which IT solutions your company needs or maintaining your IT environment, takes a skill left for the experts.

We can assist your company with basic IT Environment Design, Implementation and Management of the environment.

Modern Day Solutions

DLS TECHNOLOGIES offers a full range of IT support services, customized to your needs and at an affordable price.

From day-to-day troubleshooting, to strategic long term planning, we’ve got you covered.

IT Support

By harnessing our 25+ years of expertise, our customers will maximize their ROI for ICT Investments. By providing insight into Business Processes, our customers can set goals, become more efficient, productive, competent and confident, while being compliant to Best Business Practices and legislative requirements.