Technology is ever evolving, leaving us, our customers, suppliers and business contacts all vulnerable. Lucky for “us”, their is new (and old) laws and regulations in place, depicting how our personal data may be used, and how a company is to store it’s data like financial records.

Sole Proprietors and SME’s, must comply with their fiduciary duties, just as Big Corporations must do. In many cases the Sole Proprietor and SME’s don’t think about such legislation, when they are often most at risk.

Is all of this a thorn in you thigh?

Feeling overwhelmed by all of this?

Is your data protected? (Business Customers phone numbers on your is Personal Information, and protected under POPI)

YOU are an employee of your own Company too.

Don’t know where to Start?

DLS Technologies (Pty) Ltd, is here to assist you. Our focus are set on the Sole Proprietor and SME’s. We have specialized software to help you encrypt your data on the most basic level. We have security solutions for the more sensitive environments. No matter, how big or small you are, we tailor our solutions around YOUR needs.

Look no further !!!

DLS Technologies are your MSP / MSSP (Refer to Definitions) of choice.

We grow with our customers, together we become a team facing the future,

with everything it holds.

Our Signature Products and Services

Modern Business Challenges

You are the expert in managing your company and like most of our customers knowing which IT solutions your company needs or maintaining your IT environment, takes a skill left for the experts.

We can assist your company with basic IT Environment Design, Implementation and Management of the environment.

IT Support

By harnessing our 25+ years of expertise, our customers will maximize their ROI for ICT Investments. By providing insight into Business Processes, our customers can set goals, become more efficient, productive, competent and confident, while being compliant to Best Business Practices and legislative requirements.