Information Regulator Dissatisfied by TransUnion mitigation on recent data breach.

On Friday, 25 March, the Information Regulator said the response submitted by TransUnion was inadequate and fell short of what is required by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Continue Reading –>

TransUnion hackers leak Cell C and ANC member databases

It’s shocking how many people’s data was leak, as proof that the hackers had the information. Millions of people are at risk for Identity Theft with such data hacks. Continue Reading ->

New Report: 2021 Psychology of Passwords

In today’s new world, guarding against data breaches and cyber attacks, data protection protocols is key to surviving the new Work-From-Home, Bring-You-Own-Device, remote work environments. New legislation like POPIA, place a burden on all of us, to secure our data. The Handyman, Hairdresser or Physiotherapist in sole practices, must guard themselves in the same way,Continue reading “New Report: 2021 Psychology of Passwords”

Celebrating Woman’s month with our fellow woman entrepreneurs.

In the spirit of Woman’s Month, and our enrolment in the initiative form Beachhead and CRS, we would like to offer BeachheadSecure at a discounted rate to our fellow woman entrepreneurs, especially those that cannot take up the offer of becoming a MSP. For example, the physiotherapist that needs this unique and outstanding softwareContinue reading “Celebrating Woman’s month with our fellow woman entrepreneurs.”