Not so long ago, the security features build into modern day OS, gave us piece of mind, that our data was protected.

For many Sole Proprietor’s and SME’s alike this was enough. Some added an Anti-Virus program here and there as a precaution, or because they wanted to conform to Good Business Practices as stipulated in King IV.

Taken into account, that more and more companies, big and small are moving data to the cloud for various reasons i.e. better ROI on IT Deployment, no big hardware cost, remote access to data, enabling better collaboration, saving cost on off site back-ups, failover servers and many more reasons.

What about the one-man-band, that started to use the cloud as his backup, since he can access data from all his “computer” devices, or companies that would like to enable their staff to work from anywhere. Everything is connected to everything, accessible from anywhere, all for our own comfort.

One only needs to look at all the various data protection laws and regulations Internationally, to feel over whelmed. Not only will you suffer if there is a data breach, there is the possibility of very high administration penalties. You can no longer only rely on your “Computers” OS to protect you. Your best defense to the Public, your customers and suppliers and above all to yourself is that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your data.

The cybersecurity industry, and the wider business community as a whole, have been reeling from the recent Kaseya Ransomware attack. Unfortunately, this one was affecting systems at up to 1,500 organizations. ITarian has partnered with Comodo Security Solutions to offer the best security in the form of a powerful endpoint agent and a recently released Security Operation Center-as-a-Platform (SOCaaP) service that provides MSSP’s with 7X24 managed detection and response. The combined offering provides the industry’s best (and multi-patented) solution to protect you from ransomware and other malware attacks.

As we have seen again, ANY attack – regardless of its sophistication – will execute some unknown code. An active breach is one where all other defenses have been circumvented. Once this occurs, there is nothing that can help, UNTIL NOW. Comodo provides the ONLY solution to protect against an active breach.

In short, Comodo Cyber Security uses kernel API virtualization to contain unknown malicious content that other security products miss. Virtualization fools the attacking malware into thinking it’s impacting the “real” endpoint when it’s working on an active virtual copy — preventing any damage, encryption or loss of data while still allowing the endpoint to function fully.

How DLS can help you secure, your network.

We are a proud MSSP, utilizing Comodo’s Cloud Delivered Managed Cybersecurity software.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Overview Diagram of SOCaaP

Comodo MDR – Protect Endpoint Services