Other Vendors

We are proud partners / resellers of a variety of Vendors i.e., SaaS products, hardware and software solutions (on-prem or cloud), that is not described in detail under our Service Section.

As a Microsoft Partner, we are able to bring you the full suite of Microsoft Products, from Microsoft 365, to Azure. Our many years as a Microsoft Partner, put us in the unique position to not only sell you the correct license, but to support you in your journey by setting up your services and maintaining it for you, as your delegated MSP. We have experience in not only Commercial licensing, but also Non-Profit and Academic licensing.

ESET uses multi-layered technologies that go far beyond the capabilities of basic antivirus.

Learn more about ESET’s continually evolving leading- edge technology, from Advanced Heuristics to Botnet Protection.

For our more Corporate customers, that would like to give quest access to their Wi-Fi for visiting customer, or low level staff, things like VLAN’s become important. In situations like these we recommend Fortinet Firewalls.

Over the years, HP and Dell have proof that it’s made for out clients. It works for years, thereby giving our clients a good ROI. Spares are readably available, and warranty repairs are honored.

The Cyber Security Essentials Training Course, consist of six modules to give staff basic training into cybersecurity risks areas. Read more here